How it works

See how Procure-to-Pay works in today’s modern companies


Enforce rules before they're broken with approval workflows & controls

We’ll generate a graphical view of your spending policy & approval flows of so everyone understands it


Pre-approve spending before it happens...
on Slack!

Teammates make spending requests via Slack. It’s easy and comprehensive. We can also ensure they provide multiple quotes or use preferred vendors

Buying stuff from Amazon? Check out our Amazon Integration

We’ll then collect approvals compliant with spending policies

Need POs? We’ll automatically generate them


Liberate your Accounting team from manual tasks through Automation

Stop: Getting blindsided by surprise invoices
Start: Automatic 3-way match of approved requests

Stop: Manual entry of invoices to AP system
Start: Auto-import to AP

Stop: Chasing invoices & receipt
Start: Automated collection process


Control cash outflow using smart payment options

  • Integration with your AP system for traditional invoices
  • Optional: Virtual cards for online purchases
  • Optional: Smart physical cards with budget controls for card-present purchases

Sync with your AP or Accounting software

We’ll import all requests & transactions to your
Accounts Payable, ERP or Accounting Software

Switch to smart spend management

It’s easy to get started

Install the free version!

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