What is ControlHub?

ControlHub is a Slack App that allows you to simplify making a request to buy something (a product or a service), and send it through the company’s spending approval flow so it gets properly approved.

What type of purchases do I need to submit?

All requests that involve spending budget (outside of hiring employees or payroll related expenses) should be requested and approved on ControlHub. This includes: Products from online vendors (i.e. Amazon) or traditional vendors that will invoice us Services: Online Services (i.e. SaaS), traditional vendors that invoice Contractors & Consultants Off-site expenses (i.e. dinners or travel) or

Does this apply to Contractors, Consultants or any other type of 1099 service?

Yes. When needing any type of 1099-Contractor service, please use the option called “Vendor needs a PO and will send us an Invoice” (even if the contractor will not need a PO or send us an invoice). We know it sounds weird, but this option will allow you to make your request properly while we